MadFish Wines

About MadFish Wines

Madfish Wines draws on the ancient to create the contemporary. This wild and raw coastline of Western Australia has been battered for centuries by the powerful surf, yet calmed by the expanse of poetic white sand beaches and turquoise pools.

In this south-westerly corner is Madfish bay, where two opposing tides famously meet, forcing schools of glinting fish to break the ocean surface. This premium grape-growing landscape delivers a natural smoothness to the wines with a consistency that contradicts the energy of its dramatic origins.

Since Madfish founder, Jeff Burch started travelling in the 1970’s to surf the southern coast of Western Australia, the sea has been a constant source of ingenuity and enjoyment. Simplicity is key, along with the associated pleasure of family, friends, food and, of course, wine, that it brings. This is what inspired the Burch family when they launched Madfish Wines, and what continues to inspire them today. It’s about the enjoyment that their product brings into every household, becoming part of a celebration, or simply just a relaxed Friday evening as the sun sets into the ocean.

Madfish Wines debuted with its premium white, keeping it simple was the idea from the beginning, ensuring that clean characteristics and the vibrant fresh flavour of the grapes were at the heart of all they produced. The range has since grown to over fifteen varieties, sold internationally, each as pure and deliciously crisp as the original, and every award-winning vintage created with joy and cheer in mind.


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London, United Kingdom